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Bob Kolodner - Warrenton Church of Christ Minister

Watch, listen and learn the teachings of Christ Jesus with our Minister, Bob Kolodner.  A distinguished scholar and gifted teacher; Bob's sermons bring the scriptures to life.  Watch Bob's teachings by following the YouTube links below.  Bob's blend of profound understanding and his passionate delivery style guarantee you will learn new ways to study, interpret and appreciate the word of the Bible.  This church family are truly blessed to have Bob as our Minister.

2016-02-07 - Preparing a Plan

2016-01-31 - What's so bad about sin?

2016-01-17 - The Grieving Heart of God

2016-01-10 - What's On Your Heart?

2016-01-03 - Not Being, But Becoming

2015-12-27 - Transitions

2015-12-20 - Christmas is a time for family

2015-12-13 - Visions and Visitations - How God Prepared for Christmas

2015-12-06 - The Coming of God Among Us

2015-11-29 - In Christ Alone

2015-11-22 - "Don't Judge... unless..."

2015-11-15 - "Two Parts to Unity"

2015-11-08 - "Puffed Up or Built Up"

2015-11-01 - "I am not a Hipster"

2015-10-18 - Deciding to Serve

2015-10-11 - Elder Care

2015-10-04 - Care Group Sunday

2015-09-20 - Content Matters

2015-09-13 - Little Children...

2015-09-06 - Peter pondered what this might mean 

2015-08-30 - What happens when you do good?


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